A collection of web design and development projects I enjoyed creating and being apart of!

humble pie website

Humble Pie Website Design

Created a website for a bakery called: humble pie with html and css.

Humble Pie Website
humble pie website

La Petite Chococlatiere

Created a website for La Petite Chococlatiere with html and css.

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humble pie website

Travel Blog

Created a travel blog website with html and css and Javascript.

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bakery image redesign

Chocolate Zen Bakery Redesign

Goal was to take a bakery and redesign their website. The 3 main areas that were focused on were fixing the navigation links to be more cohesive, the logo is not clickable, and an overall organization of content.Figma was used.

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Dashboard created with Tailwind framework

Tailwind framework Dashboard

The goal of this project was to create a dashboard prototype for a web application using the Tailwind framework. The web application main focus is for communication with fellow team mates.

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Anthony Oliver Landing Page

Anthony Oliver Landing Page

This project was to create a prototype landing page for Anthony Oliver. The layout includes two screen width : mobile and desktop wide. The colour choices were chosen to convey a warmth and lively design. Fonts were chosen to contrast each other. Adobe XD was used for project

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photoshop tutorial website

PhotoShop Tutorial

Tutorial on the basics of photoShop. Tutorial was built on Square space.

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little bits

Little Bits Website

This project was a final group project. Role : Designer. One aspect the team focused on was content reduction. The site went from 21 pages to 15 pages. Adobe XD was used for project

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